How SEO Works On A Small Business Budget?

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First of all, you need to know what SEO is?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and that means you have to optimize your website for different search results. Because most search engines analyze this, and then they will show the information to the searcher. 


What is SEO?

When someone searches anything in a search engine, then search engines show a list of web pages related to that search phrase. 

For example, if you want "SEO services" for your business, then what do you search in the search bar tab of Google? That search you wrote in that tab is called "keywords." 


Why is SEO important nowadays?

In the current situation, SEO is essential for any website or business, who want to grow their business globally. Because in present-day 4.66 billion people is using the internet globally. So nowadays, marketing your business is very easy and cost-effective through SEO. You can also use paid promotion for marketing, but this is not cost-effective, and we cannot show ads always.


As a Digital Marketing expert, I recommend that you do SEO in regular ways. When your business needs ads at that time, you can use Ads in a different place. 


SEO is not an easy task to do, and a website needs daily SEO steps for doing that for a long time because Google continuously updates its search engine for better performance. 


What activities can we do in SEO?

For SEO activity, we need a website or pages of the business that indicates the search engine that will be the address of that particular business.  


Important facts that we should know before starting SEO activity

  1. Keywords Research: Firstly, we have to do keywords research according to and related to the business to start SEO activities. 
  2. After that, we have to do competitors analysis to follow that process and compete with them.
  3. Now, we can start SEO activity. Like On-page and Off-page activity.

SEO Techniques-

On page Activity: As the name of this activity, we have to do it on website pages. In which we have to optimize content firstly. Because content is everything for the better search result. After that, we need to do more on-page activity like- Meta tags, Canonical tags, Image optimization, using keywords phrases.


Do not try to stuff more and more keywords in your content; we can use a keyword phrase at the place of keywords. For example, suppose you want to rank your websites for "SEO services." We can also use related keywords phrases for the exact keywords like SEO service provider, SEO Service provider company, etc.


Off-page Activity: In this activity, we have to do some activity on different business platforms. In Off-page we have to –

  1. Link Building
  2. Forum Creation
  3. Commenting
  4. Q& A
  5. Directory submission etc.

For SEO, you can hire someone (in the house) who can do SEO activity for your business or hire an organization and freelancer. If you ask my personal opinion, I must be recommended to hire an organization or in-house person for your SEO activity. 


How much amount does any business have to expand for their SEO?

There is no such amount and budget anyone can provide you with. The SEO budget depends upon a particular condition, like how many keywords you want to SEO your business. 


If you want an average budget for your SEO, then According to me, you can start your SEO from 10K - 1L. Still, it depends upon the SEO brands and keywords.


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